• Cal Veterans Services Center (map)
  • 102 Hearst Gym
  • Berkeley, Ca 94720

Lt. Col Travis Rayfield from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be our guest speaker. He is looking to recruit student veterans into GS positions in the SF/Bay area. He has experience working with vets in academic settings - he ran the Dept of Military Science at UCSB, worked with ROTC and also was engaged with their veterans group as well.

Aside from talking about the agency overall, we plan to highlight the benefits that are specific to veterans coming in to the federal government. We have opportunities like a "direct hire" or varies internships that can allow veterans to gain experience in their desired field, while being in school. Also, military time can transfer over to count towards retirement, USACE matches TSP contributions (up to a certain %), there is a child care subsidy and mass transportation benefits, etc. 

As many of you will be on the job hunt soon, it is important to understand what is out there to make the best decision for you.

As always, food and beverages will be provided.